In India, the cry of the kabadiwala calling out ‘scrap for cash’ is omnipresent. The kabadiwala ethos is based on the concept that rubbish is merely a resource in the wrong place, and we agree. Our vision is to honour Indian craftsmanship, to showcase Indian textile design and celebrate the age old Indian tradition of repurposing. 

Our seasonless pieces characterise the slow fashion movement based on the ethos of no waste, no virgin materials and no factories. We source the vintage silk from textile dealers in India. This high quality natural fibre is luxurious, extremely durable and biodegradable. Silk regulates ones body temperature, making it an ideal cover up in the extreme heat and paradoxically perfect for layering to retain warmth. 

Bougainvillea dresses are handcrafted from pre-existing silk with early 20th century, hand cut, mother of pearl buttons. Therefore all idiosyncrasies, including wear, mending, marks, pattern anomalies are part of the story of the fabric and overall garment. The imperfect artisan aesthetic coupled with the raw natural fibers and the handmade approach creates a unique feel to each truly limited edition piece. The early twentieth century mother of pearl buttons have been hand cut by Indian artisans in the Bengal. Everyone is unique, a testament to the beauty of imperfection. 

We endeavour to make clothes with integrity, beautifully handcrafted to be worn time and time again. The ‘Amande Atelier’ as it is affectionately known, near Battersea Park, includes Ava, her mother, a local seamstress and the hardest working member, a 50yr old Singer sewing machine.